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Are you in the market for spray foam insulation in LaGrangeGo Foam Inc. is the premier expert in LaGrange for spray foam insulation.  There is two separate kinds of spray polyurethane foam (SPF), open cell and closed cell.  Open cell spray polyurethane foam invariably acts as an air barrier and never acts as a vapor barrier.  On the other hand, closed cell spray polyurethane foam is not simply an air barrier, but also a vapor barrier.  Closed cell spray foam has about twice the thermal resistance value (R-Value) of open cell spray foam.  If you want to achieve an R-Value of 38 in an attic space, 5.5 inches of closed cell spray polyurethane foam is required. To acquire the equivalent thermal value over 10 in of open cell must be used.

Spray Foam Insulation LaGrange

Go Foam Inc. is insulating households and commercial properties with spray foam insulation in LaGrange.  To make use of spray foam insulation in LaGrange, contractors will need to know accurately how the application procedure works.  Spray foam reacts in different ways on a structure with shifting temperatures.  Because of LaGrange’s temperate weather installers need to know how to install spray foam throughout various times of the year.  Otherwise the final product can be weakened.  Go Foam Inc. is experienced in the application of closed cell and open cell spray foam insulation in LaGrange.

Insulation LaGrange

Generally, residences are insulated with either fiber glass batt or blown in cellulose.  Both of these insulators use contained air as thermal resistance (R-Value).  Additionally, they at all times allow the movement of moisture to set on the interior of the wall or roof structure.  When closed cell spray foam insulation is installed a moisture barrier develops in the middle of the foam.  Subsequently, humidity never condenses on the internal walls or roof structure.  If you install closed cell spray foam to the underside of the roof you eliminate the need for air flow from the soffits.  99% of the time, Go Foam Inc. uses closed cell spray foam, because it provides a vapor barrier, an air barrier, and has double the R-Value as open cell foam.  Go Foam Inc is the contractor you need for spray foam insulation in LaGrange.  Fill out the free estimate form or call today to see how we can insulate your home!