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Would you like a skilled contractor for spray foam insulation in Cary?  Go Foam Inc. is the best installer in Cary for spray foam insulation.  There are two different kinds of spray polyurethane foam (SPF), open cell and closed cell.  Open cell spray polyurethane foam consistently works as an air barrier and never acts as a vapor barrier.  In contrast, closed cell spray polyurethane foam is not merely an air barrier, but also a moisture barrier.  Closed cell spray foam has virtually double the thermal resistance value (R-Value) of open cell spray foam.  Should you choose to generate an R-Value of 38 in an attic space, 5.5 in of closed cell spray polyurethane foam is needed. To acquire the same thermal value over ten inches of open cell have to be used.

Spray Foam Insulation Cary

Go Foam Inc. is insulating homes and commercial properties with spray foam insulation in Cary.  To work with spray foam insulation in Cary, installers need to know accurately how the application process works.  Spray foam reacts differently on a material with changing temperatures.  Resulting from Cary’s temperate environment licensed professionals have to know how to apply spray foam during various times of year.  Otherwise the ending product can be affected.  Go Foam Inc. is an expert in the application of closed cell and open cell spray foam insulation in Cary.

Insulation Cary

Customarily, homes are insulated with either fiber glass batt or blown in cellulose.  Both of the insulators use trapped air as thermal resistance (R-Value).  Additionally, they always permit the mobility of moisture to condense on the interior of the wall or roof structure.  When closed cell spray foam insulation is applied a moisture barrier forms in the core of the foam.  Hence, vapor never condenses on the interior walls or roof structure.  When you install closed cell spray foam to the underside of the roof you exclude the demand for air flow from the soffits.  99% of the time Go Foam Inc. uses closed cell spray foam, because it provides a vapor barrier, an air barrier, and has double the R-Value as open cell foam.  Go Foam Inc is the contractor you need for spray foam insulation in Cary, fill out the free estimate form or call today to see how we can insulate your home!